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Women of Asia

May 27, 2024 | Introductory Articles

The Platform

Karl Gart

Karl Gart

Awakening the Potential
Women of Asia is a platform primarily dedicated to empowering women. It supports individuals, leaders, and organizations and aims to address and end the marginalization of women through action, knowledge sharing, inspiring stories, and guidance. In our view, women's empowerment doesn't end with supporting women; it requires broadening society's horizons and challenging old thinking patterns and social norms.
At the helm of the initiative stands Karl Gart, Women of Asia founder and the creator of Starcraft Ground Crew ©

— an idea and mindset embodying a forward-thinking philosophy, but first and foremost, a growing community of change champions committed to driving societal progress and paving the way for Humanity’s journey to the stars.

One of our central ideas is “A Candle”

—a standing and lasting source of light nurturing growth and guiding others toward a better world populated by One Humanity.

Our philosophy helps us set the bar high and guides our efforts toward goals we might only partially achieve in this lifetime. However, we know how to support, encourage, and nurture Candles—people who will carry and spread the light after we depart to admire their work from out there.

One of Women of Asia‘s trademarks is a women empowerment anthem composed and written by Karl Gart.

“I Know the Longer Way” is a song inspired by real-life stories of marginalized women and an Official Anthem of Bali WISE, an Indonesian women empowerment organization.

Women of Asia is committed to making a tangible difference in women’s lives, focusing on everything schools continuously forget to teach. We gather vital information about their specific challenges and needs through direct contact with women and their organizations. Collected data inspire us to fine-tune our training programs and media releases to address real-life problems.

Our platform strives to meet women’s needs, discuss fragile matters, offer culturally respectful solutions to their challenges, and enable them to spark positive changes through free access to information on various aspects of life.

One of our current highlights is Karl Gart’s life-skills training

for marginalized young women, designed with the consideration of cultural and social context. The training covers subjects like self-confidence and expression, self-value, mindset, assertiveness, feelings and emotions management, work ethics, cross-cultural understanding, and self-learning in the lack of financial resources, to name a few.

In addition to free-access content,

the Women of Asia platform offers mentorship, consulting, and training for organizations and leaders. We provide guidance and training to help women of different backgrounds excel in various aspects of their lives and careers. We share knowledge and experience in leadership, organizational structure, management styles and models, and achieving goals in gender-biased environments.

Today, women remain the most significant social group crossculturally discriminated against for who they are. We aim to help them become independent and self-sufficient despite the odds, enabling them to understand their rights, protect themselves, pursue their goals, and avoid poverty, economic dependence, or other forms of submission.

Every woman has the right to use their potential and flourish to their fullest.

Every woman should have fair access to opportunities for personal and professional growth to avoid financial struggles, violence, and loneliness in raising their family while being dependent exclusively on others.

Women of Asia aim to show women they are not alone in their struggles and can significantly improve their lives, contributing to their families’ well-being and personal fulfillment. We want women to be strong and independent enough to protect themselves and be able to rely on their own capabilities.

Educated women are most likely to prioritize their children’s schooling. We share knowledge, promote skills, and highlight the value of education, considering it vital for understanding the principles of independence, freedom of choice, tolerance, open-mindedness, personal growth, and the ability to raise responsible upcoming generations.

Women of Asia envisions a future world where women are fully equal in all aspects of human rights, independence, and respect, contributing to a unified and diverse humanity.

Our ultimate goal is to foster the development of a global community capable of embarking peacefully on a mutual journey.

It may take more than one generation or a few for society to understand and focus on similarities rather than differences between people and use them for the benefit of Humanity. While this vision may seem unobtainable and distant today (2024), we cannot envision a more precise and accurate goal to pursue and remain steadfast in our commitment to this cause.

Our part is to awaken and encourage the outstanding potential of women—the equally meaningful and crucial part of Starcraft Ground Crew ©. We pick up our end of this line right where it lies at the beginning of the 21st century and strive to speed up the positive evolution toward a safe and nurturing society.

We empower women. We support organizations and Candles—the outstanding individuals carrying, sharing, magnifying, and multiplying the light.

Women of Asia is the platform that strives to improve people’s well-being systematically, spreads the light, and supports those eager to pick up our mission and carry it on beyond our current capabilities and imagination.

The well-being of marginalized women is our most important concern today. Still, whoever you are, and whenever you join us, you are welcome to grow with us and benefit from our guidance, mutual inspiration, and knowledge exchange.

Karl Gart is an advisor and a board member for Bali WISE, an organization helping marginalized young Indonesian women break the vicious cycle of poverty through education and skills training. Formerly, Karl founded and was the first Chairman of the Board of Trustees of an international philanthropic organization, The Unicorn Museum Project.



Life-Skills Training

Our life-skills training arose from a passion and desire to empower women to help them bring about positive change in their lives and the world. Our close work with women and collaborations with various organizations and businesses inspired a whole new approach to this culturally and socially challenging transformation.

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