Women of Asia

Women of Asia

The Values

Women of Asia has simple Values.

All people can decide for themselves and can learn whatever they want. Everyone should be physically and mentally safe at home, school, and the workplace. Everybody deserves an education, respect, and freedom to choose their future despite their gender, social rules, or beliefs. Everyone deserves love for who they are, not for fulfilling what others have chosen them to be or become.​

Live, and let others live.

Grow, and let others grow.

Choose for yourself, and let others choose for themselves;

whether it’s their hobby, food, life partner, or career.

Create the environment for safe development for all of us.

As Starcraft Ground Crew ©, we embark on the journey to the stars. Women are an integral part of this journey, and we strive to challenge old thinking patterns and educate humanity about the profound meaning of equal rights and access to opportunities for everyone.