Women of Asia

Women of Asia

Dear Visitor!

Our website recently changes.

We switch between different website-building systems. We create new texts and review old ones. We prepare material for the first Women of Asia‘s women empowerment book by Karl Gart, based on the lives of marginalized young women and responding to their challenges.

We strive (or probably… It would be more accurate to say“struggle”) to launch our short video series responding to women’s challenges, fears, and dreams, and we would like to be able to do it in their languages.

All of it and much more. All this is for marginalized women to uplift them and empower them to break from the vicious cycles of poverty, social and cultural expectations, stereotypes, and gender-assigned roles.

Having changed our website’s server (which forced us to rebuild our website from scratch! But it’s for the better!), hosting, and language of communication with technical support, with no IT specialist on board, building this initiative from our own will and with our private resources, and using, for that purpose, the time we have been given to live our lives, we still consider it more important to cover crucial parts of work, mission, and vision of this website first, before we find time to talk about us.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us using the “Contact” section.

Hoping for your understanding and patience,

The founder of Women of Asia,

Karl Gart