Women of Asia

Women of Asia

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One Humanity

Idea Created by Karl Gart

The founder of Women of Asia and author of Women Empowerment anthem, "I Know the Longer Way". Organizational mentor and advisor. Leader, chairman, director, and creator of organizations. Educator and writer. Classical musician and composer.

Core Articles

Read about our Mission, Vision, Dreams, and how we shape individuals we call ‘Candles.’ These five articles will help you grasp the ideas that inspire, keep us hopeful, and drive our actions.

Today's Humanity faces an uncertain future. Women of Asia contributes to and works on the optimistic scenario.
For thousands of years, minds like Leonardo da Vinci struggled to build a flying machine. On December 17, 1903, the Wright brothers took off for the first flight.

Only sixty-six years later, the efforts of four hundred thousand ground personnel succeeded in landing Apollo 11 mission on the moon with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin aboard. Various space agencies consider the possibility of terraforming other planets. Officially wealthiest individual, Elon Musk, strives to send astronauts to Mars.


Predicting whether Humankind will develop into an interstellar civilization or collapse under natural changes or self-destruction is challenging. As ancestors of future generations, we wish to establish competent Earth inhabitants who have enough time and resources to exploit their potential for the mutual good of each individual and environment.

Women of Asia is here to contribute to and work on this optimistic scenario.

Out of curiosity or necessity, our species will travel to other star systems in the distant future. This mission will begin with people here on Earth. It will take more than an effort of men or women alone, a single country or a social group to launch our Starcraft.


Their success depends on technology and personnel capable of sending a crewed mission to the stars.


One Humanity

Starcraft Ground Crew


Present-day ancestors of future Travelers are far from ending divisions and utilizing their extraordinary diversity. Women are the most significant social group cross-culturally discriminated against for who they are.

Striving to release outstanding potential suppressed for millennia to raise one Humankind capable of interstellar travels, we consider ourselves Starcraft Ground Crew.
Are you with us?

“Per Aspera Ad Astra”

(Through hardships to the stars)