Women of Asia

Women of Asia


World Without the Need For Women Empowerment Organizations

Idea Created by Karl Gart

The founder of Women of Asia and author of Women Empowerment anthem, "I Know the Longer Way". Organizational mentor and advisor. Leader, chairman, director, and creator of organizations. Educator and writer. Classical musician and composer.

Core Articles

Read about our Mission, Vision, Dreams, and how we shape individuals we call ‘Candles.’ These five articles will help you grasp the ideas that inspire, keep us hopeful, and drive our actions.

A Vision of a balanced World where no organizations are necessary to protect different people's well-being.
We wish for a balanced World where no organizations are necessary to protect different people’s well-being.

This vision may seem impossible and overly romantic even in the so-proudly-21st century, but

Can we envision a more precise and accurate goal to pursue?

Women of Asia support the more beautiful half of humanity, which is still dramatically neglected in many parts of the world. Women Empowerment Organizations respond to and fight against discrimination, inequalities, harassment, gender bias, and many other factors.


We see the world and its future in longtermism perspective. With faith in humanity, we understand that we cannot solve issues that have grown over millennia within one or a few generations but can work on them and build up momentum one step at a time.


Whether the human species will reach other planets and stars, colonize the Milky Way, or remain forever in our earthly Home, our vision is to bring this work to an end.


Wherever you live and whenever you were born, you can become one of us and change the future world. We will be honored to have you on board right where you join us. Become Starcraft Ground Crew.


Embark onto the journey to the Stars.

“… The distinction between past, present, and future only has the meaning of an illusion, though a persistent one.”


Albert Einstein