Women of Asia

Women of Asia

Mission to Exhaust

Until There Is Nothing More To Do

Idea Created by Karl Gart

The founder of Women of Asia and author of Women Empowerment anthem, "I Know the Longer Way". Organizational mentor and advisor. Leader, chairman, director, and creator of organizations. Educator and writer. Classical musician and composer.

Core Articles

Read about our Mission, Vision, Dreams, and how we shape individuals we call ‘Candles.’ These five articles will help you grasp the ideas that inspire, keep us hopeful, and drive our actions.

Solving millennia-old problems may take longer than just a lifetime or a few. Looking at Humanity as one body in terms of space and time, we can predict a positive direction and contribute to guiding towards it.
Women of Asia envisions a probable future world in which no organizations and initiatives like ours are needed to protect people from one another.

Mission to Exhaust is the Mission of Starcraft Ground Crew, the on-the-ground personnel of the journey to the stars.

In the 21st century, interstellar travels are still mere science fiction, and it’s all right; there is a long way to go. However, considering how humankind could potentially travel to the stars, we must understand it is not only a matter of technological development. This spaceship requires a Crew.

We must foster a society that can collectively undertake a Mission like that. It’s a task transcending gender, nationality, ethnicity, and personal beliefs. It cannot be carried on by just men or women alone, a single country or an exclusive social group. It requires humanity’s collective effort.

Women live in all corners of the world, even at the International Space Station. They are essential and integral to the Starcraft Crew.

At the heart of our Mission is empowering women and eradicating gender-based issues and discrimination. We envision a world of hope and progress opportunities for everyone, where women can thoroughly harness their potential and thrive without compromising their relations and beliefs. We envision a world where women do not have to challenge social expectations to flourish to their fullest, a world where gender is not a barrier to success.


Revolutions cause victims and claim lives. It takes many lives for evolution to adjust to a change.


We believe in the power of change leading to a better tomorrow. We believe in individuals who can inspire others and create a safe and nourishing environment to build a better future for everyone. Our Mission is to accelerate positive change. We strive to exhaust actions, education, empowerment, and every peaceful form of work that brings us closer to our Vision:


One Humankind.